Francisca Liliana



Francisca Liliana is an epic fantasy author from Arizona, USA. She's a lover of all things fantasy and has a healthy obsessive adoration for every form of epic nerdiness. When she's not melting in the desert heat, she's soul-deep in yet another grimdark read.
Having grown up on classic authors such as Charlotte Bronte, Edgar Allan Poe, and Victor Hugo, Francisca has always been drawn to the darker side of storytelling. Fascinated with the art of worldbuilding and fantasy, she holds authors such as Steven Erikson, Brian Staveley and Robin Hobb closest to her heart. She speaks exclusively in Lord of the Rings quotes and finds it to be a light for her in dark places. She holds to one truth and that is to never stop believing in dragons.

Isla's Reach


One catastrophe is all it takes.

The world of Iona has forgotten the time when dragons ruled the skies and their Viden riders controlled the wind.The Evandis War, started by the long dead Cinead the Decayed, was won, but at the extermination of every dragon and rider. Evelyn, the last Viden, has been in hiding for her entire life, but no more. Once she bonds with Oretem, the last dragon, her purpose quickly turns from being the shield for those she loves, to the blade that fights to survive.A Reticent assassin haunts her steps, one who has his own demons to battle. They both seek a single person-Meric, a bounty hunter Venandi, who the assassin endeavors to destroy and the Viden hopes to save. These three lives intertwine in ways that leave them questioning everything they've ever known. The roots of Isla's Reach burrow deep to carry the world, and it won't be long until they've broken entirely.


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